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      Tie-side bikini
      This is where it all began. The classic string bikini! This is the suit to get when you want to have a little fun, create some smiles and take the cutest pictures ever!  This style is the one Grandma would buy. It’s our best-selling style but keep in mind it does not fit over a diaper. The beauty of this style is the top and bottom have ties that can be adjusted as she grows. 

      Full-cut bottom
      This is the one to get if you want to join in the fun yet want to be more practical and or conservative. This suit is designed to fit over a diaper yet still has the bikini top. The top does have ties at the neck and back that can be adjusted for a custom fit.




      Everyone knows our swimwear is cute and fun. What you may not be aware of is that it’s also a very high-quality product. We start with the best quality fabrics we can find from all over the world. (we would rather source everything right here in the USA but sadly the fabrics aren’t available to us like they used to be). Then we manufactured in small batches so we can keep an eye on the quality of sewing. The beads, the bows, the ruffles and elastics are also of the finest quality.