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      “The first bikini experience” is where it all began.

      Let’s have a little fun, celebrate a milestone, take some pictures and have something to chuckle about down the road!


      It all started when we made a fun little gift for a friend who had just had a baby girl.  Soon others saw it, really got a kick out of it and wanted one too.  We thought, “what the heck, we’re having fun, let’s make some more!”  And then it took off. 

      Somewhere along the way we became known as THE place to go when you want to shop an extensive collection of bikinis for the little ones! We aim to have something for everyone by covering a variety of styles. We have soft & feminine, fun & sporty, bold & trendy, and tropical. (Yes, we are pleasers and try to make everyone happy.)

      We start by sourcing our fabrics and trims from around the globe. The materials we select are of the highest quality.  Babikinis are a fun little item but they are also some serious swimwear that is built to last! We find ruffles, flowers, beads, appliques and decals to make each design unique. We bring it all home and manufacture right here in southern California. We could go overseas and get cheaper goods and make more money but no way, no how, we choose to keep the jobs right here in the USA. Yeah Baby!

      Our designer, Jennifer, recalls how perplexed she was when first moving to California and noticing how important the bikini was to coastal gals. She grew up in mountain country where swimwear was often a hand-me-down and only worn a few times every summer. Not so when you live by the beach! Getting that new bikini is a glorious occurrence…....and she quickly learned that most girls have more than one! In fact, they often have a whole wardrobe of bikinis!!! Who knew?  (Jennifer would like to take this opportunity to thank her childhood neighbor Diane who passed down her pink gingham seer-sucker 2-piece suit. It had a front apron with white eyelet trim and it was so groovy!) 

      We’ve developed many relationships over the years as the little ones grow. We love getting to know you and noting how every season you buy a larger size until we sadly part ways. We often wonder how you are doing and love getting pictures. Drop us a line or send us pics of your girls all grown up!

      The 2 most common suggestions we have gotten over the years are:

      • Please add another larger size. Alrighty then, check out the new XX-large for 7 to 8 year olds!
      • Please make a bottom that will cover a diaper and or be a little more conservative. No problemo, we now have a selection of full-bottom bikinis!

      See we told you we are a people pleasers!

      When we see someone pick up our product and say “Oh how cute!” 
      we know we’ve done our job.